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Multi Storey Building


We are experienced across a range of sectors, on brownfield, greenfield, Green Belt land,

Conservation Area proposals, Listed Building applications and change of use applications.


Key sectors we work within include:



We have extensive experience of delivering planning permissions for house-builders on large brownfield and greenfield sites and entrepreneurs on smaller site opportunities.


Our up-to-date knowledge of planning policy and legislation will be invaluable to the planning process.


We are able to undertake an initial site appraisal, pre-application discussions with Council officers, community consultation and coordinate the project team to submission of an application; whether it is an outline, full, hybrid or change of use.

We have comprehensive experience in delivering planning permissions for new business parks, office hubs and out-of-town retail developments.


We can advise individual start-ups; such as independent retailers, bars/restaurants, leisure operators as to the suitability of land and buildings.


In some instances, we can apply permitted development rights which avoids the need to apply for planning permission!




In the rural area, there are many (often overlooked) opportunities to add value, to bring buildings into productive or more valuable use and deliver new development on land in the rural area.


We have considerable knowledge and experience in agricultural schemes and rural diversification opportunities (barn conversions) including bringing new homes to the rural area.


We are well placed to help you.

Development proposals within the historic environment are subject to more stringent planning controls.


We are well versed on Conversation Area and Listed Building policy and legislation, to advise you on the most appropriate planning strategy and to aid your chances of success.




Many planning consultants shy away from land or proposals in the Green Belt.


We have comprehensive experience and understanding of dealing with proposals in the Green Belt.


Our approach is to undertake an initial appraisal of the site and your proposed use, to give you an honest view and in addition we can provide an assessment of potential opportunities that could add value.


Our up-to-date knowledge of planning policy and case law is instrumental in our approach to seek to identify a route of opportunity (where one exists).


The visitor economy is an important contributor to businesses and communities across England, with the North West a significant beneficiary.


In turn, this is now being underpinned by the Government's Northern Powerhouse initiative, in which there is an even greater opportunity for the North West's cities, Manchester and Liverpool and their hinterlands, to capture a portion of the visitor market.


Using our wide-ranging knowledge and know-how we will look objectively at your building or land opportunities, whether it is for a new hotel, restaurant or sports facility, to guide you through the planning process.



From promoting strategic sites and the long-term objectives of our clients, to understanding the needs and aspirations of a local community and making representations - our familiarity and considered expertise will guide you through the complex planning system.


As an expert witness we can also appear at an Examination in Public to represent you.


The evolution and convenience of internet shopping has changed the form, type and needs of the logistics sector.


Using our previous experience and insight, we are well equipped to advise on an appropriate strategy for land.


The Government’s Industrial Strategy has brought greater opportunities to promote successful new industrial development, coupled with the aspirations of the Northern Powerhouse; in which we have detailed knowledge of.




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