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Graduates, congratulations on choosing to make a difference to people's lives!


Without Town Planners, we wouldn’t be able to live in the houses we do, travel on the roads, visit the local park, swimming pool, cinema, concert, our favourite restaurant, or go shopping.

Town planning is essentially the spatial application of our everyday needs, our wants and desires and the context of our ever-changing lives. So that requires us to plan appropriately for future development, taking account of how new technological advances will change the way we will and will want to live our lives.

For many years Carol Clarke has been fortunate to work with many planning graduates, viewed hundreds of CV’s and interviewed many. She has been an RTPI mentor for 10 years, following which was then selected by the RTPI to be become an APC Assessor.

Carol is incredibly passionate about encouraging young planners not only into the profession but ensuring they understand their importance, their worth, their value and the opportunity they are presented with.


As a result, Bramhall Town Planning will soon be launching a supporting website, as a portal of advice and dedicated to the promotion of young planners embarking on so many firsts..... preparing their first CV, attending their first interviews for their first jobs, through to the next stage of their careers becoming an RTPI licentiate, progressing towards their RTPI L-APC, working up their professional development plans and ultimately achieving their RTPI membership.

We will not only encourage quality and professionalism from the next generation of Town Planners, but will seek to create the next generation of Planning Managers, Planning Directors and indeed Chief Planning Officers, to ensure the profession's longevity.

How can we help you?

Are you looking for your first planning role and need assistance with your CV or interview techniques?

Are you working towards your L-APC and have the desire to be a better planner?

We can share our knowledge and skills with you to help support your early career progression and ultimately seek to secure RTPI success.

We offer the following advisory services:




















Carol acted as my RTPI mentor prior to my APC submission, Carol understood my aspirations and helped me evidence experience tailored to the competencies of the APC. Carol enthusiastically provided advice and maintains championing me towards achieving my future career goals.


Bal Tiwana MRTPI

Carol helped me prepare for and submit my APC submission to the RTPI. Carol’s advice was invaluable throughout the process, directing the drafting and redrafting process of my submission, helping me meet all the competencies and ultimately helping me achieve my RTPI status.


Lauren Ashworth MRTPI

Carol sparked an interest in property and planning that I didn’t know I had. She is intensely passionate about every aspect of her work and obviously enjoys passing on her huge reservoir of knowledge to younger generations. The range and depth of her knowledge would be a huge asset for anyone looking to advance in the planning world and I would hugely recommend her. She’s dedicated, smart, compassionate and occasionally funny and any young planner would be lucky to have her as a mentor. 


Sam Stephenson

Carol has acted as my planning mentor for around four months and guided me towards my postgraduate study. Carol's assistance on my journey to becoming a planner has been invaluable; she is knowledgeable, compassionate and informative. Her enthusiasm for planning has only increased my desire to pursue this as a career. She is clearly very passionate about helping graduates fulfil their potential as planners and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others seeking their first planning job, or those who need professional guidance to get through their RTPI L-APC.


Nicola Jones

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