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NPPF 2 has landed!

The long-awaited update to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published on the 24th July 18.

Practitioners have been applying the guidance of policies set out within the NPPF since the original publication in March 2012.

As reported by Bramhall Town Planning in March 2018, the Government published its consultation on the proposed draft changes to the NPPF.

This revised version named NPPF2, recently published, is a result of the lengthy review process by Government.

Accompanying the NPPF publication is also an updated Planning Practice Guidance.

NPPF2 includes some 85 reforms previously announced though other measures too such as:

  • The Housing White Paper and

  • Planning for the Right Homes in the Right Places Consultation.

The Government’s focus in the NPPF2 remains very much on the promotion of new homes, a snapshot of the reforms include:

  • Social rented homes definition re-introduced into the definition of “affordable Housing”;

  • Greater responsibility for developers and councils to meet the Housing Delivery Test;

  • Green Belt boundaries should only be altered where exceptional circumstances are fully evidenced and justified;

  • A refocus on design quality;

  • Promotion of smaller site; and

  • Stronger protection for the environment (protecting ancient woodland).

The policies within the NPPF2 are applied over the coming years we shall see whether it helps or hinders the delivery of new homes, watch this space!

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