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A New Era for Town Planning....

...or just press-grabbing headlines?

The Government are proposing a new planning system which is easier for the public to access, transforms the way communities are shaped and builds new homes the country needs.

The intention is to allow homes to be built faster and delver buildings that are more beautiful.

Taking the debate away from both whether the ‘principal’ of a new use is acceptable or not, through ‘zoning’ and taking the debate away from architects and other practitioners over whether a new building is beautiful or appropriately designed or not.

The Government are consulting on theses proposal as part of their Planning For the Future White Paper, August 2020. The consultation runs for 12 weeks from 6th August 2020, comments can be made at

The new system every Local Planning Authority will develop with local residents is proposed as designating land into three clear categories:

  • Growth areas - will back development, with development approved at the same time plans are prepared, meaning new homes, schools, shops and businesses space can be built quickly and efficiently, as long as local design standards are met.

  • Renewal areas - will be suitable for some development where it is high quality in a way which meets design and other prior approval requirements the process will be quicker. If not, developments will need planning approval in the usual way.

  • Protected areas - will be just that... development will be restricted to carry on protecting the country’s heritage assets and other areas such as Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty and national parks.

Communities will be consulted by local authorities to allow them to help shape the design codes to guide what development can happen in their local area.

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