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Amendment to Permitted Development Rights for Hospital, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Prisons.

The Government has amended the General Permitted Development (Order) (England) 2015- through the issue of The Town and Country Planning Permitted development etc. (England) (Amendment) (Order) 2021 no 428-

The Order expands the scope of an existing permitted development right to allow for more development by existing school, colleges, universities, hospitals and for the first time prisons and a prior approval process is introduced specially for development of university buildings.

The GDPO, Part 7, Class M amends the right to allow for the erection, extension or alteration of school, college, university hospital and prison buildings.

This note focus on the changes to Hospitals.

There are conditions:

  • Where the footprint* of any building erected, extended or altered would be up to 25% of the cumulative footprint of the buildings on site on the 21st April, 2021 or up to 250 sq.m which ever is the greater.

  • Development of new buildings is allowed up t 6metres in height, unless within 10metres of the boundary, where development of new buildings is allowed to 5metres in height.

  • Extensions or alterations to existing buildings are limited to the height of the existing building, unless within 10metres of the boundary where development is allowed to 5metres in height or the height of the existing building being extended.

  • The height of any rooftop structures, such as for the purposes of ventilation, are allowed up to 1.5metres in height beyond the height limit of the building. This is in addition to the height of the building as erected, extended or altered, as set out above (ie 6m or 5m).

  • The building is incidental to the hospital use.

  • If within an article 2(3) ie a Conservation Area materials must be similar to existing.

* ‘footprint’ = in relation to a building means the total area of ground covered by it.


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