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Did you know you can seek permission for two uses at once and swap between the two.

Many people will be aware of a similar situation that is available through permitted development rights. For example between a standard residential use (Use Class C3) and a house of multiple occupation (HMO) of between 3-6 persons.

Contrary to popular belief there is some flexibility in the planning system if you need to apply for planning permission for a use you can ask for two uses to swap between them!

This is more commonly used for example between a residential home (Use Class C3) and a holiday let (sui generis), if it is an existing residential home you will need to demonstrate there are no amenity or technical matters arising (eg overlooking, traffic generation) for use as a holiday home in order to seek a flexible permission.

However, this is helpful, if you are buying a residential home and Plan A is to operate as a holiday let, but you do not want to loose the residential home use class (in case the holiday let does not work) you can revert to plan B and go back to using the property as a residential home for example as a buy to let.


You may want to use the property for 6 months (over the spring summer) as a holiday let and for 6 months on a standard buy to let tenancy.


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